StudioProper – Proper Leather


“‘Proper Leather’ accessories are the ultimate in understated, yet luxurious tech protection. We’ve designed these products in collaboration with a local leather craftsman, focussing on capturing the beauty of the…

Tryst by Tate Anson


“The Tryst stool capitalises on the elegance and strength of timber to achieve a delicate yet durable product that marries the conveniences of modern machining and traditional wood craft. The…

StudioProper – Clumsy Case


“The Clever Case for Clumsy Hands” Clumsy case was designed for kids, as well as for the kid in all of us. It’s fun, friendly, protective and functional with a…



What would you do to save a life? Kelly Warren is six years old. She has been buried alive by serial killer Kirby Jackson and she only has an hour…



‘Invasion’ is a post-apocalyptic style film, focusing on the over indulgence and slow decay of human society. The main character, ‘Jett’ thinks he is one of the last human survivors…

Wallee M


A video created for the brand new ‘Wallee M’ design for Apple iPhone and Galaxy Nexus, produced by the makers of ‘The Wallee’, Studio Proper. To be a part of…

Welcome to StudioProper


An introduction video created for StudioProper – a Melbourne based design studio. We take a quick look at their approach to design and what it means to them. Featuring Alon…

The Wallee Stop Motion


A short stop-motion animation designed for ‘The Wallee’. I was approached by Alon Tamir, the Director and creator of The Wallee, and was asked to create a video that could…

The Scientists Of Modern Music – Girl On Top


A music video created for The Scientists of Modern Music’s latest single, ‘Girl On Top’. Directed by Danielle Sexton Director of Photography/Editing by Mirek Aldridge Written & Produced by Cal…



An Australian Drama inspired 3-minute film. Please enable HD for best quality viewing.